Bingo! Tedhe Medhe

Net Weight: 20g, 40g

Rs. 5 - 10

Bingo Tedhe Medhe presents their new variant Chatpata Twist which is available in new exotic flavour and is the perfect snack to Eat. Phir Repeat. With no two spindle shaped sticks alike, it is sure to leave you spellbound and is the perfect chatpata snack to satisfy your hunger pangs. Inspired by Indian spices and condiments such as lemon pickle, mint chutney it has a satisfying crunch and perfect balance of flavour that one just has to Eat. Phir Repeat.

  • Source of Protein
    Source of Protein
  • Low Calories
    Low Calories
  • Low Fibre
    Low Fibre
  • Source of Calcium
    Source of Calcium



Use in Everyday Life

The perfect chatpata snack to satisfy your snack cravings
No two spindle sticks alike
Satisfying crunch and balance of flavour in every bite
Eat, Phir Repeat!