Aashirvaad Nature's Superfoods - Gluten Free Flour

Net Weight: 500g, 1kg

Rs. 110 - 210

Aashirvaad Nature's Superfoods Gluten Free Flour is a naturally gluten free flour which is tasty & nutritious. Made from Jowar and Ragi, thus rich in dietary fibre and is a source of protein, Magnesium & Iron. Perfect for people who love to eat wheat rotis but are sensitive to gluten. Just knead the flour with hot water and make your favourite rotis. Now give up gluten, but not your love for rotis.

  • Source of Protein
    Source of Protein
  • Low Calories
    Low Calories
  • Low Fibre
    Low Fibre
  • Source of Calcium
    Source of Calcium



Use in Everyday Life

Naturally Gluten Free,
Source of Protein,
Source of Iron that aids in formation of Haemoglobin,
Source of Magnisium that helps reduce fatigue,
Rich in Dietery Fibre

Nutritional Information

Energy: 372 Kcal;
Protein: 9.0g;
Dietery Fibre: 11.5g:
Iron: 4.3g:
Magesium: 19mg:
Fats: 2.9g:
Carbohydrate: 77.5g:
Sugar: 0.5g:
(all per 100g)