Candyman Fantastik - Mini Treats

Net Weight: 125.4g

Rs. 100

Candyman Fantastik has found immense love from consumers since its launch. The most recent offering from this brand is Candyman Fantastik mini treats - with a nutritious twist ! This first to market offering has been crafted using multi millet mix in the wafer, comprising of Jowar, Foxtail, Ragi and Bajra to enhance the nutritional value, coupled with a delightful choco-creme filling making it irresistable. Now relish the crunchy and delightful experience in every bite.

  • Source of Protein
    Source of Protein
  • Low Calories
    Low Calories
  • Low Fibre
    Low Fibre
  • Source of Calcium
    Source of Calcium



Use in Everyday Life

Rich and luscious creme filling
Enjoy the taste of delicious choco crème and crunchiness of sticks together
Perfect for in-home consumption with friends and family